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Twitch Rivals

Twitch regularly host tournaments that include lots of up-and-coming channels on the platform.  The idea is to bring each individual audience together in one broadcast to instigate cross-streamer viewership.

Streamers take part in the games and compete for small prizes but big bragging rights.  The streamer's fun is paramount.

I was asked by Mix Effect Media to operate graphics on many of these tournaments including PUBG, Multiversus, Fall Guys and the Balloon World Cup


Remote / Singular

Mix Effect Media run many brand activations with Twitch.  The brands want to widen their catchment with the younger gaming markets so will get streamers to participate in a competition to captivate their audience.  I have worked on activations with Coca Cola, KIA, Paramount Pictures, Heineken and Pringles.

These activations have all used Singular graphics and I have operated them from home even though the streamers and the broadcast team have been spread out all around Europe.

The Balloon World Cup

My favourite Twitch event was at Mix Effect Media / Esports Engine where we broadcast an English Stream of the Balloon World Cup.  This was an event were players battled it out in an arena to keep a balloon from touching the ground.  The arena was laid out like a living room as an ode to all those years we spent in our childhood playing the same game.  It was great to see this reimagined as a full blown sport.

I operated Xpression graphics and ran a scoreboard, bracket, ticker and bugs.

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