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A never seen before immersive experience

AKQA approached Flux to ask for help broadcasting a heavily customised CSGO tournament.  Not only would this be a 1v1 tournament on a custom map; the broadcast would allow players to interact with their in game avatars.  I helped to produce the show by being the communicator between the seperate worlds of games, TV and brand.

HUD-HB 2.png
Screenshot 2020-10-22 at 15.51.23.png

The best players from around the world

S1mple, NiKo, dev1ce, electronic, rain and NBK were invited to take part in the 1v1 deathmatch bracket.

Two young hopefuls, nayden and n1k were also invited to fight with their idols.

Extended Reality

A groundbreaking esports broadcast brought Stype camera tech into the broadcast to allow host, casters and talent to appear inside the map and interact with the player models within.

CSGO was interacting directly with the broadcast and was custom graphics were automated when events happened in game.

The underground venue was chosen to look like the map which gave the audience even further immersion into this broadcast.

OMEN Challenge by HP
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