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A global journey following the Olympics with NBC

NBC came to Britain in 2012 to cover the London 2012 Summer Games.  I was hired as a local to help them source materials for set building and logistics operations in the capital.  I worked four four months helping design and build for their teams from catering to cameramen, technicians to talent, drivers to directors.  Anything that could be made out of wood I would build.  Ten years later and I'm still with the same family that I started out with, helping that broadcast get on air.


A decade of ice and fire

I have worked on both Summer and Winter Olympics all around the world.  I have worked on the top of Russian mountains in the freezing cold and worked in the blistering heat of beaches in Brazil.  I have made television possible in -30°C coastal winds of Korea and also aided the broadcast in the caldera-like heat of the Tokyo bay.  No challenge is too much.

An unbeatable team

My team is usually four or five carpenters and I spearhead the communication, design and logistics of the job.  I project manage the incoming and outgoing items and lease with the heads of department in the broadcast team at NBC.  Special care has to be taken around the ever changing schedules and rules at each Olympic venue in the home country.


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