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Esports during the Pandemic

Whilst working as a producer I Flux I worked alongside Red Bull UK to create a Valorant tournament during the middle of the pandemic.

Home Ground is a custom ruleset with a twist on the usual single elimination bracket. The first thing to do was to explain this format in an eloquent fashion which I storyboarded and had a graphics team build with a voice over from Frankie Ward.  You can see this here:

Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 14.22.55.png

Assembled / Apart

I had one month to bring together the TOs,  observers, broadcasters and graphics teams.  Equipment and setup was hired in and sent to locations around the UK.  Teams from across Europe were brought together by Red Bull and quickly the tournament was put together.  Communication was key as nobody was in the same room. 

4 days of fragging

Once everyone was seated in the home offices, we began four days of Valorant played remotely across Europe.  We also relayed the streams to other broadcasters in Spain and Turkey where the Valorant scenes thrive.  I kept in contact with these regions as well as Red BullUK, the five talent and the entire broadcast team.

It was difficult to put together but with everyone eager to get back to regular work, we were all willing to put the extra effort in to make it a reality. 

Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 14.26.23.png
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