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Interactive Livestream

I was brought in as a broadcast producer to help Flux, Unit 9 and BBK create a highly dynamic livestream that would adapt to the will of the audience during a content launch on Free Fire.

The livestream had a live 24hr build up on Youtube and in the mobile game Free Fire.  Everything would culminate in 10 minutes of music, dance and frantic voting.


Battle in Style

Between myself and my tech director, we formulated a way for the audience to vote for choices presented to them in the livestream.  Four moments would appear in which the audience could choose between two options.  The winning option would become the next skin on the Free Fire game store.

I was also in charge of dynamically routing chat comments onto the livestream using Singular Live graphics.


The 24hr livestream made huge waves in the Free Fire community around the world.  Up to a million people tuned into the stream and everyone voted on the options presented on the screen. 


You can see in this video that a lot of work went into music, dance, mocap and 3D.  My team and I were just the ones who handled the final video making it live onto the internet.

At 1m35s you can see me actioning a decision in the gallery that affected the direction of the livestream.

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