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Working with EA

I worked as a producer for Esports Engine on the FIFA Global Series.  EA have the freedom to build their own formats and showcase new ideas without sponsors and affiliates needing constant airtime.

I worked on the Sports Cup and the Playoffs during 2023.  Much of my work centred around graphics and LED volumes.  I closely worked with an amazing production team at EE and EA and helped to bring this tournament to broadcast.

Storytelling with Graphics

During Playoffs we leant heavily into a graphics driven format that explained a double elimination via 'lives' instead of just following a split bracket.  I had the idea to use FUT cards to easily show all the players, their remaining lives and the where they stood in the competition.  We worked closely with the designers and EA to bring this to life and make a dynamic graphics and LED package that efficiently communicated the state of play.

Talent Interaction

This show was groundbreaking in the FIFA esports scene as it trod a new path that has not been walked before.  The talent, led By Richard Buckley, were constantly seated at the desk and could dip into live games that were happening in the studio.  Other games happening in the building were also available through reporters and on screen data.  I worked on ways to feed them all the information they needed to their return feeds which allowed them to keep on top of reporting the action back to the audience.  Their on-screen chemistry was really allowed to shine using this seated approach as the banter was allowed to grow and flourish.

2023-06-24 - FGS Playoffs - 0169 - Joe Brady (1).jpg
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