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In parallel with the real-world Premier League, the twenty Premiership teams also have FIFA players competing in a separate tournament for a share of £100,000.  Esports Engine hired me to help produce five separate broadcasts.


Primarily I managed broadcast graphics and LED volumes on this job.  I kept a vigilant eye on the Premier League’s brand guidelines, sponsor assets and the handling of Club colours and crests.

The studio was setup with LED totems that cycled through the twenty clubs giving each a fair share of screen time.  As the tournament progressed, the eliminated clubs were removed from the LEDs.

I liaised with the Premier League, the design team and our integration teams on Xpression and Resolume.  The results were spectacular and the client was very happy with our work.

The totems gave a very dynamic and unique look to this production.  Some creative camerawork made this really pop.

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