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One of my main projects at Esports Engine was to work on producing the UEFA eChampions League 2023.  They were working closely with EA to produce 3 events that would broadcast the latter stages of a 1024 player tournament to the world.

At the Group Stage, 64 qualifying players would compete in a swiss bracket to determine who would move on.  During the Knockout Stage, the 32 qualifying players would then compete in a double elimination bracket to determine the Top 8.

The final competitors would be sent to Istanbul to compete alongside the Champion's League 2023.

Video - Matt Hoeger / Esports Engine

Brand and Sponsors

UEFA is a long standing brand and making sure that all their key assets are used appropriately is of the utmost importance.  The incorporation of their seven brand partners was also of huge significance to them and I made sure I was pixel perfect.

The design work I worked on with Versus helped us to establish our skill at managing the brand assets.  UEFA knew that they were in good hands with this project as I demonstrated safe and clear usage of all the provided assets - graphics, video and audio.

The Road to Istanbul

Over the six months I produced these shows, I was able to work with some incredible people.  All the teams involved were phenomenal.  I enjoyed working with the clients who I learned a lot from.  I also worked very closely with the freelancers and established good relationships and working practices with them.

The crew at Esports Engine were amazing and the events team and league ops teams did a great job getting this show all the way to Istanbul.

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