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Bidding for Bentley

Whilst working as a project manager at Flux, I worked on the main bid for the reveal of a concept car by Bentley Motors for their 100 year centenary event.

Using floor plans in the deck I was able to recreate the venue in 3D and place our virtual cameras and equipment in the space.  Our storyboards used the same focal length as their real-world lenses, so it really helped to convince our client we had the right eye for the job.


Preparing the reveal

On top of organising the broadcast engineers and camera teams to stay in Crewe for a few days, I also helped to guide Bentley through the process of sending a livestream to 5 concurrent platforms: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

I also prepared transcribers and translators to build subtitles for the event in English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Mandarin

The EXP 100 GT

In front of a live audience in venue and online, my five man camera team (Jib, Steadicam Trinity, Handheld and Tripods) filmed the grand reveal of the future of Bentley Motors.  

Our live gallery took all the feeds and live mixed them to the five social channels online.  The transcribe team took the spoken word and four teams around the word helped to create the foreign language subs for their markets.  That evening my editing team compiled all the finished work together for our client.

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