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GFX Battle Royale

I worked as an Xpression graphics producer for Mix Effect Media on the ALGS which was being run by Esports Engine and EA.  I worked on x20 remote events for the EU and NA Split 1 Year 3.

Our team would operate the show and make changes and improvements based on the needs of the client and producers.  We worked alongside the directors, vision mixers, EVS operators and League Ops to make sure that we were giving the most accurate and efficient graphics package we could build.

Dealing in Data

Accurate data management is key in helping to tell the story of all the 60 players.  The graphics package has hundreds of moving parts and keeping the graphics team on top of the fast paced action is an exciting job.  

Whilst the three-player teams in the game have a wild fight, the real three-man squad is on the graphics bench making sure that every stat and figure is landing in the right place within seconds of the game finishing.  Stats tell stories and stories sell skins.

4 days of fragging

At the end of the season, the Playoffs take place and are a live LAN event with huge audiences in attendance.  The crowd’s passion is evident in their volume across the stadium.  It's a sight to behold. 


Only one team can be victorious at the end of four days of competition - The graphics team. 

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